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Into the 90's, SOO, Volume 3 Kansas City  Louisville Lines DVD

Into the 90's - The Soo Line - Volume III follows the Soo's ex-Milwaukee Road line from Chicago to Kansas City, and Terre Haute IN, to Louisville KY. The KC lines scenery ranges from urban Chicago settings, to a scenic run along the west bank of the Mississippi River, to the rolling farmlands of Iowa and Missouri. The Louisville line winds through the hilly coalfields in the southern half of the Hoosier State. This route uses CSX's old Monon line south of Bedford, and features street running in Bedford and New Albany.

Be sure to join us for Volume I also, as we document the 400 mile route of the former Milwaukee Road, from Chicago to the Twin Cities. Volume II covers the Soo's mainline from the Twin Cities west across Minnesota and North Dakota to Portal and Noyes.

In addition, more exciting Soo Line action in Wisconsin at Milwaukee, Sturtevant, and Columbus is featured on Clear Block's Into the 90's - From Dusk to Dawn, along with scenes from Grand Trunk, Conrail, Norfolk Southern, CSX, Santa Fe, Burlington Northern, and Amtrak.

110 minutes

Into the 90's, SOO, Volume 3 Kansas City Louisville Lines DVD SOO3DVD$30.00
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