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The Texas State Railroad Deep in the Piney Woods of East Texas, the hard working steam locomotives of the Texas State Railroad put on thrilling performances. With their stacks barking out steady cadences, the toiling engines carry their passenger trains uphill and down, across 25 miles of picturesque terrain between the towns of Palestine and Rusk. The stations and trains of this scenic tourist railroad are based at both ends of the line and its operating schedules are designed, among other features, to provide exciting mid-route train meets.

Pentrex traveled to the Texas State Railroad in 1999 to capture an in-depth view of the its operations. The stars of this show are Baldwin Consolidation #300 and a former Santa Fe Pacific-type engine, #500. Great trackside and onboard photography showcases these classic steamers and their vintage passenger equipment. We’ll take you into the cab where the engineer and fireman battle the steep grades and severe curves of this backwoods country. You’ll see them at work and hear them explain how they meet the challenge. A visit to the shop area finds steam locomotives, vintage freight cars, and several classic diesels on display, along with the highly esteemed Texas & Pacific 610, the only surviving example of the mammoth 2-10-4 T&P Texas-type locomotives. The historic Texas State Railroad, in its setting of woodland beauty, draws visitors from around the world. Here is your opportunity to enjoy your own private tour!

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1 Hour 15 Minutes In Color with Stereo Sound and Narration Presented in Standard Definition 4x3 Format

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