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California'sCajon Pass has long been a favorite destination for countless railfans from around the world. The first line was built by Santa Fe in 1885 and years later the Southern Pacific constructed its own line through the pass. Today, Cajon is busier than ever with more traffic than the two lines can support. So, after several years of careful planning, BNSF broke ground in 2007 for a third main track linking the 15.9 miles between Keenbrook and Summit.

Pentrex brings you the story of this third track construction from beginning to end. We ll take you back to the start of the project and show you the process of cutting new slopes and embankments; moving millions of cubic yards of earthwork and rocks, building culverts and retaining walls, eliminating two tunnels, creating five new bridges, and track laying. It was a massive undertaking, as you ll see during the first portion of our show.

Then we treat you to nonstop action on today'striple-tracked Cajon, traveling from Verdemont to Summit with great before and after footage. A heavy winter storm gave us the opportunity to bring you rare, fantastic snow scenes. As a special treat, we ve included Bonus Footage featuring a cab ride from Blue Cut to Summit. If you thought seeing dual movements on two tracks was a thrill, wait until you see the screen filled with the excitement of three trains operating simultaneously on three tracks! Triple Track Cajon delivers the kind of railroading adventure that you will enjoy time and again!

DVD Special Features:

* Chapter Menus provides instant access to program segments.

* Special Audio Feature provides the option of watching the program with or without narration.

3 Hours 15 Minutes In Color with Stereo Sound and Narration

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