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VIGNETTES of the Baltimore and Ohio, Volume 2 DVD

The name William Price needs no introduction to fans of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. His slides and movies of steam action during the 1950's have thrilled thousands, and Clear Block Productions is proud to present this previously unreleased collection of Bill's films.

"Vignettes of the Baltimore and Ohio - Volume II" features the B&O's finest steam, powering passenger trains on the West End between Grafton, WV and Cumberland, MD, freights on Sand Patch Grade, and coal trains on the old Buffalo, Rochester and Pittsburgh near Punxsutawney, PA, seen in rare 1954 footage.

Steam locomotives featured include EL-5's and EM-1's, Big Sixes and Q-4's, and T-3 and T-4 Mountains. Bill captured not only the head-end action, but also the rear-end pushers which were common on Sand Patch. Many scenes also feature authentic audio of B&O steam, recorded in the 1950's by John Szwajkart.

Massive, modern steam power thundering through some of the prettiest scenery in the East, preserved by the camera of William Price - all in..."Vignettes of the Baltimore and Ohio - Volume II".

60 minutes

VIGNETTES of the Baltimore and Ohio, Volume 2 DVD VBO2DVD$30.00
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