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Volume 1 of "Vignettes of the Norfolk and Western" covers the years 1964-1979 along the former Nickel Plate Road from Buffalo, NY to Ft. Wayne (New Haven), IN. Filmed by N&W employee Edward Durnwald, this program is a diesel fan's Dream! Not only are the varied lash-ups of EMD, Alco and GE units beyond cool...but the many paint schemes and one-of-a-kind units must be seen to be believed! Tuscan Red U-boats, a Skunk, F-units, 1728, 1776, and more! Hi-nose units Rule! in this DVD, but many lo-nose units from the NKP and Wabash are present as well...some in their original paint. Freight car fans are not forgotten, as many scenes feature the cars and cabooses behind the locomotives as well! Locations visited include Buffalo, Northeast, Girard, Conneaut, Painesville, Green Springs, Maple Grove, New Haven, and Fremont. So join us as we revisit one of the Nation's most distinctive "Vignettes of the Norfolk and Western 49 Minutes

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