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VIGNETTES of the Pennsylvania Railroad, Volume 2 DVD

Featuring the color and black & white photography of veteran railfans Charlie Bealer, Charles W. Houser, Sr., and Bruce Kantner, VIGNETTES OF THE PENNSYLVANIA RAILROAD - Volume 2 covers the 'P' Company in its namesake state from the years 1952 to 1967. Branchline and Mainline Diesel and Steam action on the Middle Division, the Buffalo Line, the Shamokin and Schuylkill Valley coal branches, and more provide the stage for I-1's, J-1's, M-1's, Geeps, U25B and U30C's, GP30's and GP35's, and...Covered Wagon fans take note… this video has them… in spades! EMD F3's, F7's, FP7's, E7's, and E8's, Alco PA's and FA's, FM C-Liners and Erie Builts, and BLW Shark and Centipedes. BLW fans have even more in store, with S12's and RT624's working the branches around Pottsville, PA. These and many other types of locomotives are seen keeping the freight and passenger trains of the 'Big Red Trolley' rollin'!

And speaking of freight and passenger trains, many shots in the program feature the cars behind the locomotives, providing a valuable resource for modelers and historians. Locations featured include Johnstown, South Fork, Horseshoe Curve, Altoona, Duncannon, Newport, Denholm, Rockville Bridge, Enola, Renovo, and several more! Passenger trains seen run the gamut from classic Streamliners to mail trains and doodlebug locals.

So come along with us as we witness the final 15 years of The Standard Railroad of the World in the Keystone State, in VIGNETTES OF THE PENNSYLVANIA RAILROAD - Volume 2!

53 minutes - Color and B&W - Sound w/Narration - Menu Selection Allows Deletion of Narration and Maps

VIGNETTES of the Pennsylvania Railroad, Volume 2 DVD VPR2DVD$30.00
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