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Vignettes of the SANTA FE - Volume 1 DVD

The Santa Fe Railroads double track mainline from Chicago to Los Angeles is an Incredible piece of Railroad...Incredible for the amount of traffic it has...Incredible for the amount of Intermodal traffic it has...and Incredible for the speeds at which they run it! In this DVD, we will visit 3 major stretches of track along the Santa Fe trail...West of Kansas Citys Argentine Yard at Morris, KS and the and around Fort Madison, IA and the Santa Fes Mississippi River crossing, including Dallas City and Lomax, Illinois...and Edelstein Hill / Chillicothe, Illinois. Motive power seen on everything from locals to Stack trains ranges from GP-20s to the Newest 6-axle EMD and GE Super Fleet units, AND many scenes feature the cars behind the locomotives...a popular feature with modelers and freight car fans. If your state requires seat belts when watching Hi-Speed railroad videos, then Buckle-Up..and prepare to enjoy GREAT 1990s action in... Vignettes of the Santa Fe - Volume 1. 77 minutes

Vignettes of the SANTA FE - Volume 1 DVD VSFDVD$30.00
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